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Improvements to student-student mode, and capability, context and sanity check fixes


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      In the earlier CONTRIB-412 change the dialog type selector was removed, but due to popular demand was reinstated in a subsequent CVS commit. This update (which will be in CVS for this module under the MOODLE_19_STABLE and MAIN tags) corrects some of the behavior when using the dialog types:

      • corrected student-to-student behavior (couldn't previously see other students)
      • added 'mod/dialogue:open' capability for students in db/access so can initiate dialogues
      • fixed bug with context passing in teacher listing
      • replaced calls to deprecated functions isteacher and isstudent w capability/role checks
      • masking teachers with hiddenroleassignment from view by students
      • fixed bug with group handling/display in SEPERATE-GROUPS mode
      • added constants for dialogue types

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