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New Windows Based Installer


      Microsoft have recently released an improved version of their Web Platform Installer which allows a simple install like WAMP to be installed by a user without too much effort on XP/Vista/Server products Drupal and WordPress have both recently completed this and are now part of Microsoft's Web Gallery here:

      These applications are really easy to install, and I'd like to get Moodle added to the gallery, so I've started the work generating the package, and the scripts to generate the package like our other m4 tools (m4w, m4x)

      In fact - these packages can trigger an install of the Web Platform Installer + dependencies + an application as part of a link in a webpage (probably just IE) which is kinda cool.

      This package has been tested on win 2008 and seems to work well. - needs to be tested on other platforms too.

      there are currently 2 major issues with the current build
      1. The wpi is supposed to allow configuration of dependencies - and install IIS/PHP/Mysql connectors(not mysql) as part of the same package, however the use of dependencies in the WPI packages is not yet documented by MS, but they "plan" to have this done in the next couple of weeks - this will likely just require some modification of the xml files in the package.

      2. There doesn't seem to be a way to get the package to manage a directory outside the webroot for moodledata (maybe just not yet documented?)
      To resolve this in the meantime I've configured the package to use ACLS and a web.config to prevent web based access to the files in the moodledata directory. This works well for IIS 7.0 users, but IIS 6.0 doesn't work the same way and it may be an issue. I'm hoping we can set a dependency of IIS 7 as part of the dependency configuration, but we will have to see how this goes.

      I will add this to contrib cvs as m4wpi (Moodle for Web Installer Platform)

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