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New moodle block ' Curriculum Design Tool'



      This is a new moodle block called 'Curriculum Design Tool'. It has the functions:

      • Design curriculum maps relating to competencies (educational goals), professional abilities (learning objectives), learning activities (resources) and assessments.
      • Submission of learning activities by educators with associated searchable metadata
      • Review submitted materials
      • Search and browse published curriculum maps and get related learning object repositories.
      • Rate learning objects
      • Checking out materials from the learning object repositories via a shopping cart model (free shopping)
      • Gap analysis for selected learning object items
      • Packaging of selected curricula items with a dynamically created curriculum description including links to learning activities and assessments.
      • Tracking of downloads and follow up surveying of users.

      I provided the example site below for the project coordinator to take a look to get idea how this application works. Some page needs login, I will create an account for project coordinator when I get response from the coordinator.

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