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      I'm creating issues for the top ten most popular blocks and modules to ensure that they are ready for Moodle 2.0. Hopefully we will be able to divide and conquer. If you are unable to work on this, please feel free to reassign as needed. Do not hesitate to let me know how I can be helpful. Peace - Anthony

      Update: I have fixed the issue with the certificate module not upgrading correctly from 1.9 -> 2.0 and currently plan on adding much more functionality to the certificate module in the future after I have resolved all the known issues. The link is - it is recommended you create a github account (it is very quick) and 'watch' this package for future updates. To install the plugin using git the command is "git clone git:// certificate" when in the mod/certificate folder - Mark

      Update: Installation issues - if you are using the above repository the folder downloaded will be called something like 'PukunuiAustralia-moodle-mod_certificate-d12b41b', please rename this to 'certificate' before placing it into the mod folder in your Moodle install. Due to the infancy of the changes I am doing to the certificate module, I recommend using git to download and update the module, as I plan on upgrading the module frequently. Please see for instructions on how to set up GIT on your OS. You can ignore the part about setting up SSH keys if you do not plan on pushing any of your own code to a github account.


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