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Problem with the Forum post approval Patch


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      I am using Moodle 1.9.8 latest.

      First i had huge problem with applying the patch at all, anyway somehow i succeeded to apply the patch trough NetBeands but not completely.

      I asked Anthony to send me the Files he already patched, and i uploaded them to my server and everything seemed to work, when i add a new post the Status is Unapproved, when i log in as Admin i change the post to Approve something happens AJAX "loading" icon shows and the background shows red and it shows that the post is Approved.

      When i go to any location on Moodle or log out and log in again, it shows again to Unnapproved, so nothing happens.

      I set the forum to require approvement, and the unapprove button shows, but when i clik to approve, nothing happens it goes back to unnaprove.

      Has anyone got this to work, or has maybe another solution for adding the ability for Admin to approve posts?

      This one is really critical and i should get it running ASAP.

            aborrow Anthony Borrow
            halooo Salim Šabi?
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