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Expected Deadline Time Differences (Server & Moodle)



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.9.9
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      I'm only new to moodle but have added the Progress Block on my moodle website to help students track homework activities and due dates. However I have noticed an issue related to the due date/time when selecting items to monitor.

      In the initial setup for the Progress Block, once I have selected an item to monitor I set the due date using the time zone I am in (UTC+9) which I have also set as the default time zone within the moodle settings. However after saving the settings, when I hover the mouse over the progress bar a completely different time and date is shown.

      After some calculations I have figured out that the time difference is the time difference between my location (and moodle default setting) and the location of my server. For example I am in South Korea and have set the time and location for South Korea but the server on which my moodle is hosted is in Phoenix, Arizona and so I have a 16 hour time difference between the time entered as due date and the time shown in the progress bar.

      So I figured I just needed to set my deadlines 16 hours before my current time zone. When I did this the correct time was displayed for my time zone when the mouse hovered over the progress bar. However when I go back into the progress bar settings to add another item to monitor, the default deadline settings for items already monitored are modified to that of my current time zone (16 hours ahead) which means I have to adjust all the deadline settings back 16 hours to show the correct time and date in the progress bar or else my due times/dates will be incorrectly displayed.

      Is there a way to ensure that the times/dates entered take on the moodle default settings and not that of the server.

      Your help on this issue will save me a lot of frustration and unnecessary adjustments.




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