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user profile fields in export of quiz results and grades in gradebook



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    • 1.9.5
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      It adds ability to configure and narrow down additional columns with user's profile fields in exports of quiz results in Quiz/ Overview and grades in Gradebook/ Export.

      Patch is based on extended and refactored Francois Marier's gradebook_columns.diff patch from MDL-17346.

      Among other things it solve issue discussed in Adding a field from mdl_user_info_data to quiz results export [1] topic on the forum.

      [1] http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=121251

      Attached files:

      • mdl195-userfieldsinexport_extension-full_patch-20100929.diff.gz
        • Full patch which includes MDL-17346 patches: gradebook_columns and skipuserfields_extension-20100928 slightly extended and refactored.
      • mdl195-userfieldsinexport_extension-gradebook_columns-20100929.diff.gz
        • Patch without MDL-17346 gradebook_columns patch. If you already applied gradebook_columns patch use this one.
      • mdl195-userfieldsinexport_extension-quiz_results-20100929.diff.gz
        • Quiz extension of MDL-17346 patches. Before use add gradebook_columns and skipuserfields_extension-20100928 patches.
      • quiz_overview.jpg
        • snapshot how it looks like on the site in Quiz/ Overview
      • gradebook_export_form.jpg
        • snapshot how it looks like on the site in GDB/ Export (...)
      • admin_panel_settings.jpg
        • snapshot of Francois's base patch - what was changed in admin panel

      To install on moodle >= 1.9.5 try "quick shot" patching (after backup of course) with command executed in moodle directory:

      zcat patch.gz | patch -p1 2>&1 | tee /tmp/log

      In case of any errors, warnings etc. apply manually skipped hunks or reverse the patch/ restore the code from backup and apply patch by hand.


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