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Quiz import: CSV format for multichoices questions



    • Type: New Feature
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.9.5
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      Simple format for importing multiple choice questions with one or more correct answers and no feedback. It can be written with any spreadsheet using tables and saved in CSV format.

      Making multichoise questions quizes using spreadsheet tables (ex. in Excel or OpenCalc) is really fast an intuitive so my users do not need to know anything about ASCII formats or learn any other special software than that what they use every day - OfficeSuite.

      The file format looks like this (Comma Separated Values):

      "Category";"Question text";"CA 1";"CA 2";...;"CA n";"";"WA 1";"WA 2";...;"WA m"

      Which represents the table:

      Category Question text CA1 CA 2 ... CA n empty field WA 1 WA 2 ... WA m

      That is

      • CA - Correct Answer, WA - Wrong Answer
      • one question - one row
      • empty cell(s) (one or more) separates correct answers from wrong ones
      • first field is taken as Category if it is selected in import form to take category from file, if not - first field is treated as question text
      • rows with empty Category if it is used or with empty Question text are omitted
      • also rows without CAs or WAs are omitted
      • number of CAs and WAs may differ from each other inside the row and between rows


      • mdl195-quiz_import-csv_format-20101019.diff.gz
        • full patch in diff format with changes in lang files
      • quiz_import-csv_format-20101019.zip
        • just zipped csv plugin directory without lang changes


      • In your moodle directory apply diff file with command:

        zcat file.diff.gz | patch -p0

      • or unpack zip file in question/format directory and apply lang changes manually from diff file.


      • not tested on php >= 5.3.0 when function str_getcsv is present (look in the getCsvRow() method)




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