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ForumNG: advanced search gives inconsistent results (Bug 11186)



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      If I do a simple search on 'money' I get the answer shown in screenprint 1.

      If I do an advanced search on author 'oa459', the same entry is found but this
      time is reported as 'untitled' (screenprint 2). Also I couldn't understand why
      search result 2 wasn't reported as untitled too.

      The discussion the 'money' entry comes from is titled 'PIIGS' (screenprint 3).

      I would have thought the entries found would have been the reported in the same
      way in both results sets.

      The code used for the two types of search is completely different. It all
      depends on whether you enter words or not.

      It would be good if they are consistent but it would also be good if they are
      'nice' and this needs investigation.

      The ideal name for a message is:

      1) If there is a subject for the message (e.g. 'Frog'), use that.

      2) If there is no subject for that message, look up the tree of messages in
      that discussion, until we find the first one that has a subject (note, the
      top-level one is guaranteed to have a subject). Supposing that subject is
      'Frog', the subject displayed for this message should be 'Re: Frog'.

      Second-best way to get the name is:

      1) If there is a subject, use it.

      2) If there is no subject, use the discussion subject with 'Re:' in front.

      I think in this case, the second-best way is more feasible. (Actually it
      usually is, we should maybe define it as a systemwide standard somehow...)

      Ray, could you investigate:

      a) can we make ousearch method use the second-best way above.

      b) can we make the non-ousearch method (used if you don't type any words) use
      the second-best way above

      case (a) would only apply if search indexes are rebuilt, I don't suggest we
      rebuild indexes for everything, think there is some script you can use to
      rebuild indexes for particular forum...




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