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Stamp Collections block that shows the number of stamps earned so far by the user



    • Type: New Feature
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.9.8, 2.0.2
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      At the moment a student can only know how many stamps he or she has earned, by clicking on the "Stamp Collections" (SC) activity link. The link is found in the middle column or on the left column under "Activities".

      Can there be a way whereby a student can glance at a hypotherical "Stamp Collections" block, on the course page itself, that shows the number of stamps earned so far? And if they click on a link in that block, they will be brought to the SC page?

      Think about it. Suppose you were a student. You knew that you had so far been awarded 2 stamps/stars. Then you log in and to your joy (or shock), you discover that you have now 5 stamps. Wouldn't you be excited and wouldn't you want to click on the block/link so that you would be sent to the Stamp Collection activity and you could then see what it was that you did that earned an increment of stamps?

      That's the purpose of this block that I would like to propose to be created.




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