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Request to remove a line of css that is unused in questionnaire, but affects other pages


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      Questionnaire styles.css has the following code:

      div.felement.ftextarea textarea {

      This could affect every textarea in every Moodle form across the system (eg wiki annotations), yet I cannot find it being used in any page in the questionnaire.

      To test I have downloaded a head version of questionnaire from cvs, and added this to a head version of Moodle (2.2dev) from git on my local pc in an environment set up using default settings. I then added a marker to styles.css (line 84) above like this:
      div.felement.ftextarea textarea {
      border: 2px solid red;
      Then I set up a questionnaire with one of each type of question. I also tested changing the course format from the default weekly to topics, and tried changing the theme from standard to formal white. I also tried changing the text editor from Tiny to plain text area. Finally I tested removing this style altogether.

      It does seem that this style is not used in questionnaire, but can affect other non-questionnaire pages (specifically some of our OU custom pages), so please could this style be removed from head (and possibly MOODLE_20_STABLE branch).

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