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Hotpot incorrectly counts number of attempts when entering quiz


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    • 1.9.11
    • Module: HotPot
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      When you enter (as a student) the hotpot quiz to take it, it counts all records in prefix_hotpot_attempts and compares that number against the allowed attempt count. If it is more then the allowed count then it won't let you in.

      The problem is that prefix_hotpot_attempts can record multiple entries for one attempt (it appears to be one per page view).

      In mod/hotpot/index.php the attempt count is gained by selecting COUNT(DISTINCT clickreportid).

      So on line 64 of mod/hotpot/view.php, I changed the line from:
      } else if ($hotpot->attempts && $hotpot->attempts <= count_records('hotpot_attempts', 'hotpot', $hotpot->id, 'userid', $USER->id)) {
      } else if ($hotpot->attempts && $hotpot->attempts <= count_records_select('hotpot_attempts', 'hotpot='.$hotpot->id.' AND userid='.$USER->id, 'COUNT(DISTINCT clickreportid)')) {

      This basically changes it so that attempts are counted the same way in both places.

      Questions, comments?


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