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Request that the code be tested and reviewed (moodle-block_boaidp)



      Please, I'm starting with Moodle contribution. Could you review the block for assigning/editing metadata at course level with final aims to integrate with OAI-PMH harvesters.

      This block, if added to a course, creates default metadata according to a schema (previously created on _oai_metadata_schema table, in a manual way until now). Also, the global config page lets to add new field to a schema which can later be edited for each course instance of the block.

      The data model is ready to easy integration with some tested OAI-PMH harvested which will be introduce in newer version.

      If you edit the block, you can changes and add new multi-value for the

      This is the github repository I've just created: https://github.com/mglaredo/moodle-block_boaidp

      So thanks in advance!

            mudrd8mz David Mudrák (@mudrd8mz)
            mglaredo Miguel Gonzalez Laredo
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