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Visibility of and/or access to adobe connect recordings incorrect in some use cases



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    • 1.9.16
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      Moodle 1.9.16
      Adobeconnect block version 2012020200
      Adobe Connect Pro 8 (privately hosted)

      Description of the issue(s)
      1. If a meeting is set to 'private' and has a recording, a user with 'Host' permission (and not 'Presenter' or 'Participant' as well) cannot see the list of recordings.
      2. Users who have not yet joined a meeting can see the list of recordings but cannot access them (affects private recordings, which is the default from AC7.5 onwards regardless of whether the meeting itself is private or public - http://www.connectusers.com/forums/cucbb/viewtopic.php?id=3132).
      3. Students can see the list of recordings for groups they are not a part of.
      4. Students who are not in a group can access Adobe Connect activities in group mode (and see recordings list if group mode set to visible groups)

      Expected Behaviour
      1. Users with permission to join an Adobe Connect meeting (any of 3 AC roles in Moodle) should be able to see the associated recordings
      2. Users should not have had to actually join a meeting in order to access the recording, if they have permission to join the meeting.
      3. Users should only see the list of recordings for groups they belong to (especially given that these recordings are private by default & "only members of the group can join the meeting or view the recordings" (http://tracker.moodle.org/browse/CONTRIB-3374?focusedCommentId=141538#comment-141538).
      4. Check whether the user is a member of a group before allowing them to access activity, since "only members of the group can join the meeting or view the recordings" (http://tracker.moodle.org/browse/CONTRIB-3374?focusedCommentId=141538#comment-141538)

      1.a. Make activity 'Public'
      1.b. OR Grant user "Adobe Connect Presenter" role in addition to the "Adobe Connect Host" role.
      2. Have user click "join meeting" before accessing the recording
      3. No workaround required if the recording is private (the default from AC7.5 onwards regardless of whether the meeting itself is private or public), as users can't actually access the recordings they're not allowed to, even though they can see the link.

      1. Add check for 'mod/adobeconnect:meetinghost' capability when assigning ADOBE_VIEW_ROLE to recordings folder (https://github.com/number33/moodle-mod_adobeconnect/blob/MOODLE_19_STABLE/view.php#L222) and when deciding whether or not to show meeting's recordings (https://github.com/number33/moodle-mod_adobeconnect/blob/MOODLE_19_STABLE/view.php#L481)
      2. joinrecording.php should run the same check as join.php and grant the user the minimum AC server permission required to access the recording (ADOBE_PARTICIPANT) if s/he doesn't yet have any permissions for that meeting room (e.g. has not yet clicked 'Join meeting')
      3. Have code check for group membership (https://github.com/number33/moodle-mod_adobeconnect//blob/MOODLE_19_STABLE/view.php#L220 & https://github.com/number33/moodle-mod_adobeconnect/blob/MOODLE_19_STABLE/view.php#L481)
      4. The code could display get_string('usergrouprequired', 'adobeconnect') if the user is not enrolled in a course group AND the user does not have 'access all groups' capability - see point #6 of CONTRIB-3367

      Patch and github repo
      Links to be provided in comments section once I get a tracker number for this issue


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