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Flavour addition related roles, webservices, activities, etc.



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      Dear David,

      we are providing a moodle environment for about three hundred schools - half of them still are using 1.9 and the others 2.2.

      Creating new moodle instances is achieved by copying the database with all settings from an empty template instance.

      So, currently all 1.9 instances have identical settings and all 2.2. instances have identical (2.2.) settings.

      When migrating an old 1.9 instance to 2.2 we want to make sure, that the upgraded instances obtain all settings of the 2.2. template instance.

      So, our goal would be to migrate an 1.9. instance and "patch" it with the flavours of the template 2.2. instance.

      The first experiences with this approach however have shown, that a couple of settings still are missing - these are:

      • creating users (for using webservices, there is a default user in the db; however, this is not really a flavour topic...)
      • creating roles, that have not been there before and overriding settings of old ones
      • addition of new assessment scalings
      • authentification: webservices not are activated
      • filters: "show emoticons as images" not is activated
      • activities: workshop not is activated

      We would appreciate, if these missing points are integrated in the flavour concept. Are there any plans to do so in the near future?

      Thanks a lot and best regards,

      Patrick Liersch


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