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Separate and Visible Group Features not working on latest versions of Big Blue Button Module



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    • 1.9.19
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      This issue affects versions 1.0.9-b3 (2013040101) for Moodle 2.0 - 2.4

      and 1.0.9-b3 (2013040100) for Moodle 1.9

      I have detailed the issue below. The use case would be when an instructor wants to have one big blue button activity that caters to multiple groups within a course. This eliminates the need to have multiple big blue button activities within a course that could confuse a student on which room to join.

      Previous versions of big blue button allowed you to create groups within a course and then create one big blue button room with a specific group setting.

      In 1.9 you have the options of no groups, visible groups and separate groups. If visible groups was selected, as a student, you could enter the room and choose the specific group's room (breakout room) you wanted to join from a drop down combo box. If you had two groups: Group A and Group B you had the option to join either room.

      With separate groups you were autojoined to the room for your specific group.

      As an administrator you always had the option to pick which room you wanted to join regardless of the setting.

      In 2.2 you have the options of no groups and separate groups. Visible groups is no longer an options. That may be by design but that isn't the functionality problem I'm detailing here.

      The groups feature is not working in either 1.9 or 2.2 regardless of whether you have separate groups or visible groups selected. When you attempt to enter the rooms there is a join button you have to press to join and that button is not working.

      In 2.2 since you only allow separate groups this problem only affects administrative level users in the course who aren't a member of the groupings.

      In 1.9 it affects students as well if an activity is set to visible groups.

      You can replicate in one of three ways:

      Moodle 1.9: Create a BBB activity and set it to visible or separate groups and attempt to join as an administrator.
      Moodle 1.9: Create a BBB activity and set it to visible groups and attempt to join a room as a student within a group.
      Moodle 2.2: Create a BBB activity and set it to separate groups and attempt to join a room as an administrator.




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