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Improve navigation in Questionnaire



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      Further to this discussion https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=226499 and in order to make the navigation in the Questionnaire module more in keeping with current Moodle versions, I propose 2 main improvements:

      1.- When a student (or other role that is allowed to answer a questionnaire) enters a questionnaire instance, instead of displaying the tabs, display :

      • a link to "Answer the questions" (or, if answers have been previously saved and this is a "Resume" questionnaire, display a "Resume questionnaire" link;
      • a link to "Your responses" (if any)
      • a link to "All responses" (if any and if view all responses capability is available to current role)

      2.- Add to the Questionnaire Settings block/Questionnaire administration the totality of the navigation links which are currently available as "tabs", both for teacher and student roles.
      Whilst tabs navigation is not entirely deprecated in Moodle core (see discussion above), retain the tabs navigation, to enable user to navigate either by using the Questionnaire Settings block OR the tabs, at will.
      The reason for putting the Questionnaire navigation links inside the (Questionnaire) Settings block rather than in the (Course) Navigation block is to avoid cluttering the Course Navigation block. Please note that, from Moodle 2.5, a) all Quiz navigation links have been moved from the Navigation to the Settings block, which is now re-named "Administration" block.
      It is hoped that gradually ALL core (and most add-on) activities will make use of that Settings (re-named Administration) block, and navigation by tabs will become obsolete, except for a few still needed cases.

      I have also completely reviewed the Navigation breadcrumb at the top, to make it reflect exactly the exact current position of the user, i.e. it should normally match as exactly as possible both the Settings/Questionnaire administration block position and - in any - the current tab position.

      If there is no adverse opinion and if testing by current watchers confirms that my proposal is ergonomic and bug-free, I will commit it to the github repository in the coming weeks. I also intend to commit to the 2.4 repository a maximum of the pending new features, so that we can issue a brand-new 2.5 version of Questionnaire when Moodle 2.5 becomes available.




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