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Hangman game scoring needs improvement



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      While playing the hangman game one or two different grades are displayed depending upon whether you choose only one word per game (a word grade) or more words per game (a word grade and a game grade).

      When you choose to have one word per game only the word grade is shown during the game (reflecting how many correct/incorrect letters are selected), but at the end the final grade displayed is either 0% (word wrong) or 100% (word right).

      On the other hand, if you choose more than one word per game, during the game you see both a word grade and a game grade. Again, the final grade only depends on whether you got the words right or not, and does not reflect the word grades you get for each individual word.

      Hence, in both cases the word grade appears to be meaningless,and because of this the game is less interesting and the grading is confusing and inconsistent according to what is shown on the screen during the game. To avoid the confusion and to make the game more interesting, I'd like to suggest to either i) get rid of the display of the word grade completely, ii) use the word grade(s) to calculate the final grade, or iii) create an option which allows the game manager/creator to choose which grade should be used to calculate the final grade.

      Preferably the final option, since the different grades can be used to test different skills. For instance, using the word grade to calculate the final grade would be useful when players are allowed to see clues, testing skills such as spelling, tense, and so on. But when no clues are given the game grade would probably be more suitable, reflecting the player's more general knowledge of vocabulary.




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