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Strange behaviour from importnow.php when run by cron


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    • 2.5.1
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    • 2013080202

      1. Configure lmb enrollment plugin in the normal way making sure that icgorldi.xml and lmb.log files are presnet
      2. Execute importnow.php using a crontab entry similar to :
      45 06 * * * root /usr/local/bin/wget -O - --no-check-certificate https://moodle.xxx.edu/enrol/lmb/importnow.php
      3. The system demands login authentication before it will proceed.
      4. Attempt to run the importnow.php with /usr/local/bin/php instead of wget gives error 'Command line scripts must define CLI_SCRIPT before requiring config.php'

      This is a major change from 1.9 and one which I could not find documented anywhere.
      We circumvented the problem by checking the box 'check XML file during cron' which executes importnow via cron.php.

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