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It is possible for students to create more questions than is required of them, leading to serious grading problems



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.9.1
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      In QCreate it is possible for students to create more questions than is required of them. This leads to serious grading problems.

      For example, I have set up a QCreate activity that requires students to make just two questions. Some have managed to make more than this, I think by saving older questions as new ones. Only the oldest two questions are visible to students, but all the questions made by students are visible to the teacher.

      If there is an automatic component of the grade, then this gives the students an advantage, since they get an automatic grade for ALL the questions they have made. Most annoyingly of all, even if the teacher deletes some of these questions so that the students is just left with the required number, the original grades remain. So, you end up with a bizarre situation in which a students does not get full marks for their questions, but the total for the QCeate activity is 100%.

      Have a look at the screen shot to see what I mean. I've logged in as a student that had made 4 questions. I deleted two of his questions, and gave him 70% for each of the remaining two questions. He also got 40% automatic grade for each question. Note, I did not grade the the two questions that I deleted. So, his grade should be 84% for this activity, but he's got 100%.




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