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New algebraic question type


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    • 1.9.1
    • Question type: Algebra
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    • Developed under Moodle 1.9.1 and PHP 5 with MySQL. Will require PHP5 to run.

      This is a new question type for algebraic questions. This question type will accept algebraic formulae from students and will compare them against the question's answers. It interprets the responses algebraically so responses like '(x+1)^2', '(1+x)^2' and 'x^2+2x+1' will all be treated as equal which is something not possible with the current question types. In addition each question comes with a display button that will take the current formula in the response box and graphically display it, via the TeX filter, so the student can confirm that the computer has correctly interpreted their text expression.

      Documentation is included in the ZIP file on how to install the new question type. In addition to this the edit form has detailed help buttons for the new fields and there is also a test server at http://thwaite.phys.ualberta.ca/moodle-dev/ to try out the code. A brief history of the most recent bug fixes as well as feature suggestions is included under two discussions in the quiz forum. A Danish translation has been provided by Morten Brydensholt and has also been included in the ZIP file.

      In addition to the above the code has been adapted to fill the naming convention in the coding guidelines: all classes are prefixed with 'qtype_algebra' so there should not be namespace overlap problems. I am asking that this code be included in the appropriate part of the CVS so if there do need to be changes to the code before this is possible please let me know.

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