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Quiz UI redesign, based on usability research





      As part of this Summer Code [1] project, usability research has been carried out since May 2007 and more actively during April, May, June 2008. Scenario interviews have been carried out and taken to the UI design, an Openoffice Impress prototype has iteratively designed and usability tested with eight subjects from four different educational institutions in Finland. The spec will be published on June 27th, 2008 at http://docs.moodle.org/en/Development:Quiz_UI_redesign_-_Design_specification , as well as in the Quiz forums.

      The project blog is at at http://www.pilpi.net/software/moodle_quiz_ui/

      This is the root Tracker Issue (hope I have correctly understood the usage of this tracker , under which development tasks will be gathered. Also CVS access is requested, with the initial files of the contents of the PHP/ directory in the zip attachment.

      The attached files in the directory PHP/ of the zip package have been edited to provide as the basis on which development will continue during July and August 2008. They are edited Moodle 1.9 weekly build files, downloaded from download.moodle.org on June 26th, 2008. They are to be extracted to /mod/quiz and the browser pointed to /mod/quiz/edit_redesign.php?cmid=2 with the proper course module id as a parameter. (Note: moodle_quiz_ui_proto_0.1b.zip contains the current version, moodle_quiz_ui_proto_0.1.zip is missing the actual edit.php redesigned version.)

      Also attached is demo.html (graphics are missing though and it looks a bit cryptic), which roughly shows the current state of actual PHP development as a static file, when extracted to the same directory with the directory demo_files .

      [1] http://www.coss.fi/web/coss/developers/summercode/2008?p_p_id=82&p_p_action=1&p_p_state=normal&p_p_mode=view&p_p_col_id=null&p_p_col_pos=4&p_p_col_count=5&_82_struts_action=%2Flanguage%2Fview&languageId=en_US


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        14. moodle_quiz_ui_proto_0.6-2008-10-15.zip
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