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Completion progress fail to detect completion based on grade in MCQ


    • 2016061801

      Moodle version: 3.0.4+ (Build: 20160623)

      Progress bar and Completion tracking fails to track MCQ completion under the following conditions:

      • Quiz total marks 10
      • Grade to pass set to 5
      • Activity completion set to "Require Grade: Student must receive a grade to complete this activity"
      • Progress Bar "Action" setting for this activity is set to "Activity Completion"

      Expected behaviour: If a student has a grade in the quiz, it is marked off on the progress bar and in the course completion tracking.

      Actual behaviour: For a student with a grade in the quiz, the activity is not marked complete.

      Workaround: Use progress bar action "Graded" instead of "Activity Completion" until a fix is provided. As far as I can tell, no workaround exists for the course completion tracking.

            salvetore Michael de Raadt
            mkpelletier Mathieu Pelletier
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