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Automated systematic naming of questions: make it possible for student name, activity name, number etc to automatically appear in a question name



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      At the moment, when a student makes a question via the Question Creation activity module, the student is free to name the question in the same way that a teacher can. However, this lack of systematic question naming can cause huge problems once questions are exported to be used in quizzes. e.g. it may not be possible for the teacher to tell who made the question and what topic it is about.

      Of course, in the instructions, it is possible to tell students how they should name their questions, but even if students follow these instructions many still get it wrong, causing the teacher to have to spend time renaming the questions.

      So, my suggested solution is to have the Question Creation activity automatically generate or feed the question name to the Question engine. To do this, there needs to be the the following section in the set up page for this activity:

      Question naming:
      Let students decide: Yes or No
      if No. then:
      Automatically add student first name to question name: Yes or No
      Automatically add student family name to question name: Yes or No
      Automatically add student this activity name to question name: Yes or No
      Automatically add creation date to question name: Yes or No
      Automatically add question number to question name: Yes or No (i.e. the number of questions created for this activity)
      Automatically add specific text to question name: (type text here)

      Ideally, it should also be possible for teachers to indicate what order these items should be in. e.g.
      1st activity name
      2nd family name
      3rd question number

      Furthermore, there should be an option to prevent students editing / deleting automatically generated question names.

      This automated systematic naming of questions created by students will make subsequent handling of the questions by the teacher MUCH easier.




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