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Questionnaire response incorrectly includes "Parent Question" logic text



    • Bug
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    • 3.6.3
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    • Module: Questionnaire
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      A student successfully fills out a questionnaire that has 3 questions with logical branching (jump logic) and set Auto Number = "Do not number questions or pages" . Upon successful submission of the form, the user is presented with a "continue" button. If the questionnaire is setup to allow students to review their submission, clicking "continue" brings them to a preview of their submitted response. 

      However – the response also includes some logical branching notes (see attached file – text appears in RED) that SHOULD NOT be displayed to students. This didn't use to be the case in previous moodle versions and the submission preview now looks very much like the instructors survey preview which SHOULD contain the markup. 

      Video Example of Display Bug: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIsT-a9bbQ0

      Steps to Repeat:

      • Create a questionnaire with at least 2 questions and allow students to view their submitted results
      • Set at least one of the questions to only appear depending on the answer of the previous question (logical branch). 
      • Response Options > Auto Number = "Do not number questions or pages"
      • Login as a student and take the survey. 
      • After completion, click the "continue button" --> Response is displayed with red "jump logic" text. Alternatively, after taking the survey, go back into the survey and view "Individual Results" (not the summary screen).
        Cause: If I setup the survey/questionnaire so that Response Options > Auto Number = "Do not number questions or pages" – the red marks appear. If I change this option to Response Options > Auto Number = "Auto number pages and questions", the red marks disappear.

      Unknown if this new behavior is intentional.




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