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Scheduler ignores group restricted access when users have student role plus a teacher role


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    • 3.6.4
    • Module: Scheduler
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    • 3.5.1 (2018112602)

      • Create a course and enrolled 10 users, 5 into Group1 and 5 into Group2.
      • Create a scheduler activity and restrict access it to Group1 (this works)
      • Enrol another user with the role of 'Teacher' - This user will not show in the scheduler as a user who is awaiting an appointment
      • Add the role of 'Student' to that user and they appeared in the scheduler.
      • Remove this user from the 'Teacher' role and left with only the 'Student' role, they don't appear in the scheduler as requiring an appointment.

      So it seems that if a user has the role of 'Student' and another role, the scheduler ignores the group restriction. 

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