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Delete recordings popup appears out of viewport, and scrollbars are removed.



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    • 3.6.9
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    • 2.3.3 2019042008


      First of all I've tested it only on Moodle 3.6.8+ (Build: 20200130), sorry.

      I'm not able to upgrade moodle becauses we upgrade it with git, and moodle is behind a firewall that only allows web access (And due to covid19 confinement we can't access the computers in our offices).

      The problem is that the confirmation popup doesn't appears in the middle of screen (and the scrolls bars disappear until you click esc key)

      When you click on the trash can it greys out all the screen and a "popup" appears asking
      This recording has 0 links associated that were imported in different courses or activities. If the recording is deleted those links will also be removed. Are you sure to delete this recording?"

      but this popup is positioned near the line you are deletting, not in the middle of scrren.

      So when you need to scroll down to find a recording, and you click on the trash, then the whole screen goes "gray" and the popup appears near the line... BUT... the "browser" moves the display window to the top of the web page and removes the scroll bar. So the popup is there, but you can't see it.
      The way to see this problem was to zoom out until I could see the line where I have the recording I wanted to delete,.... and the popup was there



      1. Create a BBB activity
      2. Creates a recording
      3. Scroll down until the recorded session is near the top of viewport
      4. If your resolution is very high makes your screen smaller (but no to much because then it works as mobile design) or you can create more recordings
      5. Click the trash icon


      • screen gets "grey",  popup appears in the middle of screen asking for confirmation


      • screen gets "grey", popup appears near the place you click (not the screen) and the browser moves the viewport to the very top of the webpage and removes the scrollbars
        • So, you can not see the popup

      BTW It happens with clean and boost themes (I don't have more to check).


      BTW. This plugin (and BBB) is completly awesome, very nice job, thanks



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