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mod_scheduler: Only X Options per Tutor may be Taken



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      I have the following problem with the Scheduler in my course (which prevents me actually from using it):

      I would like to use the scheduler to create appointment for small "exams" in the following situation:

      I have several (for example 4) tutors that are allowed to make these exams. All exams last not longer than 10 minutes and should take place on the same day. Due to the contracts of the tutors each tutor should do a maximum of X exams, where X is individual per tutor. (And it also should somehow be balanced: There should not be one tutor that does all exams and others doing no exams)

      I would like to set it up with the scheduler because this seems super-handy:
      Each tutor sets up 10min-slots for all the time he is happy with doing an exam. This way he creates more slots than he has to do.
      However, when X slots are booked (the X set up from above) all other slots from this tutor cannot be booked by other students. However, if a student cancles a slot, all other slots become available again.


      I hope you get the idea. The reason for this is that the tutors are much more flexible and - in some way - dont care too much when they take the exams (in fact, they can still control it by creating slots at times when they are fine with it) and usually let the students pick. However, the workload of the tutors should be controled in some way so that it gets distributed.




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