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Facetoface 4.x includes grade to pass but does not have grade settings to support it


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    • 4.0.6, 4.0.8, 4.1.1, 4.1.2, 4.1.3
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      I'm not sure this is a bug or an improvement. I'm marking it as improvement but I feel like it could be a bug, too.

      In 4.x, activities have a passing grade requirement option in the activity completion settings. As there is no Grades option to set in settings, I assumed that option would not appear. I was excited to see it was there when I created a new F2F section, as I set a passing grade manually in the gradebook. Here is where I think it is a bug: If you check the Must receive a passing grade option in activity completion settings, you receive an immediate message, "This activity does not have a valid grade to pass set. It may be set in the Grade section of the activity settings. " in red.

      If the option won't work, it shouldn't be there. That said (here is the improvement)..,it would be better if the plugin settings included grades so the activity completion requirement works. Because in 4.x, if the activity has a grade, course completion settings mark students complete, even if a grade to pass is in the gradebook and they have less (e.g. grades possible are 0-No show, 50-partial attendance, 100-attended/complete. grade book is set to 100 for passing. Someone marked no show is marked 'complete, no passing grade' in course completion and course completion checks).

      I'm guessing on the affects versions and components.

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