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Often, people want to create content that is created once, used in many places, but only requires being updated in a single instance. With multiple sections of a course, you can use a meta-course. Across unrelated locations, this module can help. This module acts similar to the HTML block (on which it was based), but instead of each block instance having its own content, there is a global table of html content, and each block instance points to one of these pieces of content. This allows such things as: - A librarian creating a specialized library guide for a subject (let's say evolutionary biology) that faculty may want to include as a block in courses, and some peope may want to put on their My Moodle pages. - A distance education department may wish to include a section of links to information for students, and include them in their courses, but wish to edit themonly in one place. - A computing services department may wish to provide links to academic unix computing guides, which multiple courses may wish to use, but the content would be maintainable in one place. - And so forth...

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