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Patch: Elluminate allows integration with Elluminate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ELLUMINATE LIVE MODULE AND BLOCK. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The modification contained herein was provided by Open Knowledge Technologies (http://www.oktech.ca/) and Remote Learner (www.remote-learner.net) in association with Elluminate. Contributors: Justin Filip (jfilip@oktech.ca) Mike Churchward (mike@oktech.ca) Elluminate (http://www.elluminate.com) WIKI DOCUMENTATION: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the latest updated documentation, please refer to the MoodleDocs wiki page http://docs.moodle.org/en/Elluminate_module ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHICH VERSION TO USE: If you are using your own ELM server, then please install the files in the 'elluminate_elm' directory. If you are connecting with an SAS hosted environment, then install the files foundin the 'elluminate_sas' directory.

Issues: Updated recently

Key Summary Updated
Bug CONTRIB-2881 correct "Verify your system" help link to current Elluminate support page
Bug CONTRIB-1758 Sorry, but you do not currently have permissions to do that (Ability to access the meeting)
Improvement CONTRIB-1487 (Elluminate ELM) Fix incompatibilities with Elluminate server 9.5 / ELM 3.0

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Versions: Unreleased

Name Release date
Unreleased 2.7.15
Unreleased 2.9.7
Unreleased 3.0.5
Unreleased 3.1.1
Unreleased 3.2