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This Help Desk block will (and is going to be designed) in a way that fits the following criterion. a. The Help Desk will be modular. Meaning that the help desk will be plugin based. Where different plugins will allow the help desk to work in different ways, including a default native plugin that uses the Moodle database, or other plugins that may integrate already existing help desk solutions to allow for a smooth transition. b. The Help Desk will be site wide. When I say this, it means that the Help Desk will not have individual instances. There will be on Help Desk where permissions (capabilities) will rely on users abilities at the system context level. So no matter what course you are in, you will still submit tickets to the same location. We chose to use a Block for this project to allow the user an easy to use interface up front and to be able to display information without actually viewing another page. The Block currently works but is fairly basic and would be considered alpha, but still works nonetheless.

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Task CONTRIB-4339 Can't find Help Desk block in AMOS
Sub-task CONTRIB-3039 Block: Helpdesk - Migrate code from 1.9 to 2.0
Bug CONTRIB-2201 Help Desk Block

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Unreleased 2.7.15
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