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Improvements to the LTI experience - Phase 2 Additional LTI placements and technical improvements


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      HQ will be working with TurnItIn who has agreed to take on the bulk of the development work to move the LTI infrastructure from a plugin to a core subsystem.  This work is essential to enable the addition of more placement and services that can be added to Moodle in an architecturally appropriate way.  This will lay the ground work for many more improvements down the track by the wider community.  TII's objective is to replace their plugin(s) with Moodle with a standardised LTI integration, all work they will be implementing will be in a standards compliant way which will benefit all Moodle users.


      • Move the core LTI functionality to a core subsystem, leaving only what is required in mod_lti to support the existing Activity placement
      • Add additional placement, initially in the gradebook, assignments, and if time allows other activity types.
      • Implement the LTI Content Processor extension 
      • All existing LTI integrations will continue to work without interuption during this process


      As the move from the mod_lti to a core subsystem is complex, HQ will not be integrating any other LTI work while this is performed.  



      This work is progressing well.  Due to the size and complexity it has been decided that the inital lift and shift of mod_lti to a core subsystem will be merged post Moodle 4.4 release to ensure the maximum time for testing.  The core subsystem is targeted for the Moodle 4.5 release.


      This work is continuing to progress at a good pace, the target is still Moodle 4.5 with followup work to continue into Moodle 5.0

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