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Course Hierarcy improvements


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      After the introduction of Moodle 4.0 and the removal of unlimited intendtation there is a need to review the over all course hierarchy and look towards long term improvements in how it is structured.  


      • Revisit the number of levels of hierarchy that is considered to be needed
      • Examine if changes to course hierarchies could have on reducting page scrolling for students
      • Look to see if changes can reduce the need for the current number of course formats to reduce over all system complexity
      • Investigate styling changes to help make the hierarchy clearer to students.


      Extensive user testing has been conducted over the past several months.  Prototype mockups and testing instructions used are at the link below.  Feedback to date has been very positive. Please note that these are not pixel perfect mockups by any means and are illustrative only.



        This work is progressing well and the fundametal structrures for sub-sections has been mostly implemented.  Some of this work will be merged but not visible in Moodle 4.4 with Moodle 4.5  targeted for the first release of this functionality.  Additional research is being conducted on several other usability aspects related to course hierachy.


      Sub-sections work still progressing well. integation into core will start this increment. 

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            brett.dalton@moodle.com Brett Dalton
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