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Complete AI Subsystem Discovery


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      This is a discovery and research piece of work that will inform the delivery work to add an AI subsystem to LMS. It will cover technical implementation, UX workflows and UI elements. It builds on initial technical spikes, user research and an initial conceptual framework (below). Once complete implementation work will begin.

      An AI Subsystem in Moodle LMS will create a way to provide a consistent and user-friendly way for users to interact with AI in Moodle's user interface, as they do their teaching and learning activities. As well as providing a straightforward way to integrate with various AI providers on the backend.  AND doing both of these while adhering to our published Moodle AI principles.

      Broadly the AI subsystem will provide several "Placements". These placements will be UI elements (and associated workflows) in specific user contexts, that will allow users to interact with AI services connected to Moodle LMS. For example when a teacher creates course content, or when a student is interacting with their course content.

      The available Placements will allow users to access one or more AI "Actions". These actions are the provided by the AI services connected to LMS and are the specific things a user can do. For example when creating course content a teacher could access an action to create an image. Or for students they could use an action to summarise complex text.

      Thee available Actions will be determined by which AI "Providers" the LMS instance is connected to. These providers are connected to LMS via "Provider Plugins". Each provider plugin will make available one or more actions to the LMS. For example a plugin that connects to the OpenAI API could provide an action that summarises text. OR a Midjourney provider plugin could provide an action to generate an image.

      Please see Epic: MDL-80888 and linked child issue for further information.

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