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Make it easier for Moodle end users to access support from their organisation.


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      Many visitors to moodle.com are not looking for 'Moodle' as in our company, but rather they are looking for their institutions' Moodle implementation.

      We currently help support this need through a 'Find your Institution' function available via the login button on moodle.com (https://moodle.com/login/) which is powered by the registered sites function on https://stats.moodle.org/sites/.

      This search currently only returns a link to the website of the registered institution. 

      This idea would see us explore opportunities to return more information, including a way to provide the searcher with contact details from which they could obtain support from their institution should the institution choose to make this information available.

      The hypothesis is that, by making this information available, we will provide end users with a more useful experience and reduce the number of support enquiries our Customer Support Team receives that should be directed to the institutions using Moodle to serve their end users.


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