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Review Moodle's competency framework


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      Moodles existing competency framework is powerful but also complex.  Feedback from both LMS and Workplace customers has been they would like to use it more but it is currently too difficult to be used effectively by many organisations.  


      • Understand how competencies is currently used by our customer
      • Understand the reglatory frameworks that exist for various markets where this functionality may be being applies.
      • Identify why it is confusing or difficult to use, and look to remediate it
      • Identify areas of the system which could benefit from better integration/visibility of the Moodle's Competency framework


      After siginificant research and disucssion this idea will be closed and wont do.  To revamp the competencies framework as it currently stands would require multiple teams over an extended period to achieve and its been determined that there are other items that will have a much larger impact in the meduim term.  This will likely be revisited in the future

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