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Data Beaconing and Metrics


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      Explore gathering additional usage data from Moodle LMS installations. As well as explore methods of data gathering outside of a Moodle install, such as user surveys.

      The aim here is to gain a better understanding of how Moodle LMS is used around the world, and use this feedback into the Moodle decision making and development processes.

      We also want to explore making this information available to Moodle LMS administrators to aid in their understanding of users and usage in their own LMS instances.

      User privacy and GDPR compliance are upmost considerations as part of this exploration and indeed any implementation.


      We now have more mature practices in how we analyze site registration data. Further work on this will continue as part of regular operations.

      There is still work to do to make better information available to Moodle administrators about their own Moodle instance. This will be done as part of another initiative.

            matt.porritt@moodle.com Matt Porritt
            matt.porritt@moodle.com Matt Porritt
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