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The sequence of the feedback forms for true-false questions is confusing


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      On the true/false question creation page, after the question, you specify whether the answer is true or false using a drop down (why not a radio button? There are ony 2 options!). Then there are two feedback fields - the first says Feedback (True) and the second says Feedback (False).

      So it's confusing, because you may have a question where false is the correct answer (i.e. Bush is a great president), so you pick false as correct, and then the VERY NEXT field is feedback for the "True" response- so one believes it is feedback for the "correct' response, whereas it's in fact feedback for the "true" choice, which in this case is false.

      This is much less obvious (and less of a problem) for questions with true as the answer, but circuitous logic when false is the correct (not true) answer. It is also inconsistent with other question types where the feedback field relates to the answer that immediately proceeds/accompanies it.

      Proposed solution: Change the text to say Feedback if correct and Feedback if Incorrect, and change the display of feedback accordingly ( may involve a DB/code switcheroo).
      Barring that, since this is a usability issue and not technically a bug, some enhanced wording would be helpful - as in ("Note that feedback fields correspond to true and false answers, not correct and incorrect selections" - or something like that).

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