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Quiz UI confusing when you are an admin. The start attempt button only starts a preview.



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    • 1.8.1
    • 1.7.3, 1.8.3, 1.9
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    • Linux, MySQL 5.0.21, PHP 5.1.6


      A client reports that, under certain circumstances, a user's quiz attempt(s) including saved responses that have been kept correctly over several days, will be lost when the user submits the attempt. the client's report is below, explaining the circumstances:

      "I think I've discovered what's caused it: I have made a quiz on another course. The course is in our RWP Training category of which I'm an Administrator (not a site admin, just an admin in that category). I made myself a learner of the course so it gave me the "Attempt Quiz Now" button, which I did. I could save the quiz, which I did often over a period of three days, and it let me update my answers.

      When I came to submit the quiz all answers were lost and no record of my attempt. It appears it only happens when a category administrator is a learner as well and attempts a quiz.

      Obviously we need this to work: a category admin can be a learner, as I am in this case."

      This is obviously pretty bad data loss - if it is deliberate it should at least have a confirm button before the data is thrown away. Is it because the user has an admin role?

      I've marked this as critical priority, because this client (who has signed a three-year hosting deal with us) needs to use quizzes a lot and needs to know that they are reliable - this problem has now occurred several times, and although we were able previously to retrieve the missing attempt data from a backup, it was a long and tedious process, and not something that we can do on a live system all the time.

      Let me know what you find and how it goes.

      I can probably give you remote access if you need it in order to test.


      Sean Keogh




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