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Allow custom user profile fields to be ordered anywhere on the edit profile form



      The new forms system and custom user profile fields capability in Moodle is a huge step in the right direction. Many thanks!

      However, the ability to order these fields and place them where you want them on the user profile form is limited to just ordering them among each other in their own separate section of the form. What would truly make this capability useful would be to be able to situate your custom user fields among stock Moodle fields in any order you want.

      For example, one of my custom fields is "State/Province". It is of little use to have "Address" and "City" (both default Moodle fields) appear near the top of the edit profile page, and then to have "State/Province" way down at the bottom in my "custom fields" area. I want my users to be able to enter their address data all together, like they are used to doing on every other website where they've EVER entered their mailing address. So until Moodle allows me to place custom fields wherever I want in the form (including intermixing with default Moodle fields), this is of limited usefulness.

      To see an example of the result that I'm looking for, you can see our site's current Signup form (the custom fields were accomplished by adding fields to the mdl_user table and adapting standard formslib code to include these additional fields):

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