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Courses created by LDAP enrollment don't copy all settings from template





      Courses created automatically by Moodle using LDAP erollment do not copy all settings from the template course designated in Courses > Enrolments >LDAP > enrol_ldap_template. Specifically, the course start date gets set to the current date and the visibility is always set to true. This behavior can be changed by commenting out the following lines in function create_course() in enrol/ldap/enrol.php (look around line 610 or so for 1.8.2):

      //$course->startdate = time();
      //$course->visible = 1;

      Could the LDAP enrollment module be changed so that these settings are copied to new courses? The current behavior seems counterintuitive (why are these specific fields not copied when many others are, for example? Why set today as the start date of a course instead of the date specified in the template?).

      For our setup, being able to set the visibility is critical, as we create about 2,500 courses automatically from LDAP and we want courses to be visible only when instructors are ready to make them public. Thus, having some way to govern the settings of newly created courses is important (we'd like to be able to do this without having to modify the LDAP enrollment source code).


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