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Regular Expression Analysis in Quiz & Lesson


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      I don't know much of the "programming expression" (involved in Regular Expression) using the , * () or [] , I would suggest one simple alternative to the setting interface.
      Now, is that the scores to answer 2 and 3 could not be added together, if the student's answer is found to contain both?

      In other words, is that it could deduct marks at the same time if the student's answer is found to contain both mistakes? But how about in reverse, if the student's answer is found to contain both "keywords" that I would like to add the two scores together?
      So, if this applies to all answers, except the first one, then it would be more flexible.

      To make it simpler, the score on the right hand side is now 0% or none so as to tell the system to deduct or do penalty. But I would like to add one more function, to allow teachers to assign a "plus" or "minus" score. So, even when the teachers have to do deduction or penalty, the score can be different for different mistakes.

      In addition, an option is allowed for teachers to add answer 2 to answer 3, and so on. Then the engine sums up the total scores to be equal or less than the score in answer 1.

      I'm not sure if this involves a lot of programming but am sure that this would benefit all teachers to expand the use of this module into the keywords function in the coming school year.

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