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Scorm New attempts and reviewing



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      When i create a new course, that course has one Adobe Captivate 3 quiz/training session, exporting with SCORM 1.2. All of our quizzes are going to allow for unlimited attempts, but I really think the Mode, Start new Attempt, and enter course button could be vastly improved.

      I think that every time the user clicks the enter course button, it should always start a new attempt if available or prompt me asking if i want to start a new attempt. I think my users will miss the start a new attempt check box and get frustrated and just stop trying. I think the whole mode thing with the radio buttons toggling between Preview and Normal mode should just be removed alltogether as well as removing the start a new attempt checkbox.

      So ideally all you would see below that scorm content is:

      1) If it is your first attempt at the scorm content you only see an enter course button.
      2) If it is your second attempt or greater you see a Review button which reviews your highest scoring attempt or your last attempt and an Enter Course button that starts a new attempt.
      3) If you have made a perfect score you should only see the review button, and not the Enter Course button.
      4) If you have exhausted all of your attempts you should only see the review button as well.

      Would this improvement be possible?


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