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When assigning/overriding roles, the dropdown for switching to another role should have a number in brackets


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    • Affects Version/s: 1.8.2
    • Fix Version/s: 2.0
    • Component/s: Administration
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      Three steps description:

      Step 1.
      As not unique admin, sometimes, I need to clean all roles of my colleagues because they are, at the same time, teachers and/or student, at category level and/or course level and/or site level and so on. I usually go to look for their name everywhere but... in the assign role of a course , when I select a role (to let you understand: moodle18/admin/roles/assign.php?contextid=xxx&roleid=2, for instance) I get a page with a drop down menu with ONLY list of roles.

      Again, to let you understand, what I get is:

      <select id="switchrole_jump" name="jump" onchange="self.location=document.getElementById('switchrole').jump.options[document.getElementById('switchrole').jump.selectedIndex].value;">
      <option value="http://localhost:8888/moodle18/admin/roles/assign.php?userid=0&courseid=3&contextid=34&roleid=0">List all roles...</option>
      <option value="http://localhost:8888/moodle18/admin/roles/assign.php?userid=0&courseid=3&contextid=34&roleid=1">Administrator</option>
      <option value="http://localhost:8888/moodle18/admin/roles/assign.php?userid=0&courseid=3&contextid=34&roleid=2" selected="selected">Course creator</option>
      <option value="http://localhost:8888/moodle18/admin/roles/assign.php?userid=0&courseid=3&contextid=34&roleid=3">Teacher</option>

      <option value="http://localhost:8888/moodle18/admin/roles/assign.php?userid=0&courseid=3&contextid=34&roleid=4">Non-editing teacher</option>
      <option value="http://localhost:8888/moodle18/admin/roles/assign.php?userid=0&courseid=3&contextid=34&roleid=5">Student</option>
      <option value="http://localhost:8888/moodle18/admin/roles/assign.php?userid=0&courseid=3&contextid=34&roleid=6">Guest</option>
      <option value="http://localhost:8888/moodle18/admin/roles/assign.php?userid=0&courseid=3&contextid=34&roleid=7">Authenticated user</option>
      <option value="http://localhost:8888/moodle18/admin/roles/assign.php?userid=0&courseid=3&contextid=34&roleid=10">Ruolo dei produttori</option>
      <option value="http://localhost:8888/moodle18/admin/roles/assign.php?userid=0&courseid=3&contextid=34&roleid=11">Ruolo dei CAV</option>
      What I would point out is that in each item of the <select> I can only read the name of the role BUT NOT THE NUMEBER OF USER belonging to each role.

      Step 2.
      On the opposite
      If I divide my students into "groups" in the page:
      moodle18/group/index.php?id=xx, for instance
      what I get is a select in which for each group I can also read the number of users belonging to each group.

      To let you understand, what I get is:

      <select name="group" id="groups" size="15" class="select" onchange="membersCombo.refreshMembers(this.options[this.selectedIndex].value);"
      onclick="window.status=this.options[this.selectedIndex].title;" onmouseout="window.status='';">
      <option value="1" title="produttori azienda A (1)">produttori azienda A (1)</option>
      <option value="2" title="produttori azienda B (1)">produttori azienda B (1)</option>

      Step 3.
      What I ask is to have in the select of the step 1 the number of user belonging to each role.


      <option value="http://localhost:8888/moodle18/admin/roles/assign.php?userid=0&courseid=3&contextid=34&roleid=2" selected="selected">Course creator (3)</option>

      instead of

      <option value="http://localhost:8888/moodle18/admin/roles/assign.php?userid=0&courseid=3&contextid=34&roleid=2" selected="selected">Course creator</option>

      Sorry for a so long story for a so silly request.

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            timhunt Tim Hunt added a comment -

            So, on the assign page, the dropdown should have the number of assignments for each role in brakets, and on the override page, it should have the number of overrides for each role.

            timhunt Tim Hunt added a comment - So, on the assign page, the dropdown should have the number of assignments for each role in brakets, and on the override page, it should have the number of overrides for each role.


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