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Grader report: column averages and category aggregates should be based on what the current user can see


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      I've moved this in here so that all OU outstanding issues are in one place. This is the one remaining MAJOR issue for us.

      We've read 11576 but I can interpret the outcome in more than one way.

      Also I talked to Martin on 5/10/07 about this and Martin said in an email to me on 5/10/07
      "We've been talking it through and working out how to create averages of all non-hidden, non-zero items (for those who can't see hidden items) for both rows (aggregate of categories) and columns (aggregate of users for an item). I agree this is much better (for all).

      It's a bit tricky, but we're going to give it a shot, so watch the tracker."

      I've been watching the tracker but haven't seen anything specific to this item so I'm placing it here today 11/10/07. (And my apologies if I have missed it or if I should have gone back to 11576)

      The issue is what to do about hidden grades when calculating averages. The problem is that some averages still (on 11/10/07) inadvertantly enable hidden grades to be deduced.

      Screenshot-1 shows a tutor view. Claire Simpson has one hidden grade under iCMA47 which is in the Summative category. The entry under iCMA47 is correctly shown as a date but the entry under the Category total (titled 'average' in the screenshot) enables the tutor to calculate that she actually got 20%.

      Now look at Susan Pearson's row. Again the Category total for the Summative category enables a calculation to be carried out that reveals what Susan's score on iCMA47 is.

      So what do we do about this?

      My preferred outcome would be that Category totals are calculated purely on what is visible on-screen. So for Claire Simpson the entry under the Summative Category total ( titled ' average') would become '-' because there are no scores to average; and for Susan Pearson the Summative Category total would be 52% (i.e.52/1).

      The Course total would have to be calculated in a similar manner.

      Similar calculations apply in the OU USER report and in the various other reports we have where the readers cannot view hidden grades.

      I understand from what Martin said that this could be tricky. If it is then we have to revert to the fall-back position of showing '-' in Category and Course totals where there are hidden grades.

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