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Export pages in Wiki no longer works



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 1.8.3
    • Fix Version/s: 1.8.5, 1.9
    • Component/s: None
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      I am using the standard wiki in moodle 1.8.3 +

      The following bug has also been replicated in http://demo.moodle.org/

      On older versions of moodle, e.g. moodle 1.8, it was possible to export a wiki as a zip file, which could be saved on a users hard disk. The zip file contained an HTML version of the wiki. This was a great feature since it allowed students to keep an off-line 'portfolio' of their work.

      This feature (along with other features of the Wiki module, e.g. see MDL-6144) now appears to be 'broken'. In order to export a wiki, the user clicks on the – Choose Wiki Links – pull-down menu, and selects 'Export pages'. Then teachers or admin can choose where to export the wiki to; to a directory in the course files, or a Downloadable zip archive. See the attached jpg screenshot of this export page. Students can not choose, and are only able to download their wiki as a zip archive.

      However, on clicking on the [Export] button, the following appears at the top of the page:

      PK ??LR70?????? ?group.htmleQ?n? ??W2SZ??V?cKQG0?F??2$rT g?D??;?c?M>j?R?}?Y ?~>j?X?= NN.gE;g??tD??1; ??y??iI?=q?_?j?XK?n=b???i?Q?Tp??R??d?H$?5?)??j?d'?2W0?&1?6> y<FJ#??EB;q ??Y?59??9??'?&?&UdQ?a6?{?PK ????LR7}z????? ?WikiWord.htmleQ?n?0 ??Yz??8R=T?v 8?)A????EW?K?8 1(>?}i?R?T??]_??w~?7??4[???vm??c$??K?|e???;c*???DU~?3??(?w??IW)?1??w?O??8?=?D?N?M??9????K9???_?]X(?A??He f??F?W?vM??8j~?/PK ????LR7X|????? ?index.htmleQMo? ??W0zfl9???C?jGH??BD?j??q>Z?V>gD??c?:CQ?h?q?za ~W?J??6?K?Y?5????m?Sn ???? ?7?Tk?f??A?P??<n?2?3r?_?}PY?^?I??YC|U? ?Z?]?9?oqm%=??a1?|??r??R(4 ^J ?R?rO?lO?xI_ ?d??.?y?PK? ????LR70?????? ???????????????group.htmlPK? ????LR7}z????? ?????????????WikiWord.htmlPK? ????LR7X|????? ?????????????index.htmlPK??????X??

      Also see the attached screenshot of this page.

      Note, teachers and admin can successfully export th wii as HTMl pages to the course Files directory.

      Since it appears that the new Wiki (NWiki) will not be the standard wiki module until the end of next year (http://docs.moodle.org/en/Roadmap), I do hope that this bug can be fixed.




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