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Gradebook in 1.9 could be made easier with better default behavior



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.9
    • Fix Version/s: 1.9
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      Our initial evaluation of the Gradebook of 1.9, while flexible, we find not to be very simple or intuitive. By changing the defaults and hiding as "advanced" features many of less used features, it can probably be made much easier to use. As it is, we will need to heavily patch it to make it useful in the high school environment. After this weekend, I will post an initial list of patched features, but posting this now to begin the consideration as I am concerned about 1.9 shipping without the difficult of the gradebook defaults being fully considered.
      Here are some of the items:

      1. For teachers, the user report makes no sense as a way to show only their own progress (or any user that is not given a graded role). Instead, it should give a list of all student user reports which would be quite useful and requires only a few lines of code.
      2. For a course, teachers should be able to choose in a much easier way either unweighted grades or weighted grades. At the course level, most other choices, if to be made available at all, should only be in the advanced mode.
      3. Aggregate only non-empty grades should be the default.
      4. "Aggregation coefficient" should be renamed to something like "category weight", etc.
      5. Most choice in the grade item menu should be advanced
      6. One of the tabs should be "categories" as in version 1.6 so that it is very visible to new teachers and easy to get to. Searching through the menus will be frustrating.
      7. The current horizontal format of the "Grader Report" becomes almost unusable after just a few assignments.

      I'll make a complete listing of how we will patch it at our school if it ships the way that it is, but I wanted to post this as a major concern as it seems like the current setup will be very confusing either to experience teachers of Moodle, and I hope this is considered before 1.9 ships.


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