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Field report of computation problems in grade import into 1.9 gradebook



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      Martin D. has identified a priority of the 1.9 gradebook to be that on import, the computation of categories and course totals remain consistent:

      Here were the anomolies of my Fall Advanced Algebra course that we moved to 1.9 last week in order of importance.

      1. Categories and totals had been computed based on (points earned)/(points possible) as is standard through 1.8 (and how teachers typically compute grades by hand). The 1.9 Beta 2 computed these values using "normalized mean of grades" which converts values to percentages before computing averages (non-standard). This meant that all the categories and course totals were wrong. Changing these to what is now called "Simple Weighted Mean of Grades" fixed this problem for most categories and the category sumaries in those cases were the same.

      2. I use a common scaled called "Not Submitted/Submitted". Through 1.8 this was not factored into the grade. On import, these were factored in, apparently worth 1 or 2 points each. When I removed these from the 1.9 import, grades changed, they should not have.

      3. There were 4 hidden, 1 point sample quizzes in the homework category. When these were removed from both gradebooks by moving out of categories, the homework grade and course totals were now correct. This means that hidden grades are not being computed in the same way.

      4. Couse totals to two decimal places were the same in most cases. For a couple of students. the rounding was different with the previous version being higher (95.39 vs 95.38). We can probably live with this if it were the only problem, but some may still have an issue with rounding computations as it could move a student to a different course grade.

      5. Category totals and course totals should be displayed as percentages as they are in 1.6 (at least for my course). With the import, it is printed as points out of 100. A small difference, but this probably should carry over.

      Hopefully this helps get the migration to the new gradebook down right.

      Gary Anderson
      Math Department Chair/Moodle Master
      Seattle Academy


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