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A required parameter (offset) was missing


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    • 1.7.3, 1.8.3, 1.9
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    • PHP 5.1.4
      MySQL 4.1.21-NT
      Windows Server 2003
      Apache 2.0.58
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      A required parameter (offset) was missing error is generated in the Activity Report (complete) when the Advanced assignment type is used.

      Steps to reproduce:

      As a "Teacher" user (I reproduced using the default teacher role)
      1. Create an assignment using the "Advanced Uploading of Files" assignment Type.
      2. Set both the "Due Date" and enable the "Notes" option
      3. Save the save the assignment

      As a "Student" user (Again using the default student role)
      1. Upload a file for the assignment created above
      2. Add some text to the notes by clicking on the "edit" button
      3. Click the send for marking button

      As the "Teacher" user
      4. View the students profile and click on the "Activity Report" tab
      5. View the "Complete Report"

      You should see the error shown in the attached screenshot.

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